Quiz | Which Black Are You?

1. When in the presence of people of European descent in a casual setting, and a joke with a blatantly racially-insensitive tone is made how do you react?

a) By being silent. Its awkward, but I don’t see why I have to ruin the mood by being that guy.

b) By laughing. Haha, it’s true. Blacks be crazy

c) By calmly telling the joke-maker that he is an insensitive prick and go on to educate them   about the virtues of being progressive in modern-SA

d) By telling the whole lot of them to go and [expletive] themselves

e) By finding out which one of them owns a company looking for a BEE partner

2. If you have a Twitter account, what is its primary use to you?

a) To follow all of my friends and ‘LOL’, ‘Dies’ and ‘:’D’ in their mentions.

b) To engage with my fellow South Africans on political issues. Particularly those that have a fondness of bashing Black leadership. When I’m feeling brave I favourite their “It almost makes you miss the top-notch leadership we had in Apartheid SA” tweets without a trace of irony.

c) To engage with fellow South Africans on political issues that matter to me. I am interested in challenging discussions about what can be done about the issues we have regarding inequality, poverty and education standards, from different perspectives. But I do not shy away from correcting Twitter-users that disguise their racism as self-righteous dislike for the current leadership.

d) To engage with Twitter users about issues that matter to me. I aim to use this platform to promote solution-creating in areas I feel my government is lacking. This is where I discuss the strides my own foundation/start-up/NGO has taken in these areas.

e) To share pictures of my “business trips” to the Caribbean.

3. What three words is someone most likely to describe you with?

a) chilled, relaxed, cool

b) chilled, well-spoken, “different from the others

c) smart, educated, black

d) angry, ungovernable, black

e) black, black, black

Results: If you answered to two or more of the questions you may just be a #goodblack. If you answered c to two or more questions you are a #badblack. If you answered d to two or more of the questions you are probably an #angryblack. If you answered e to all of these questions you are a #professionalblack. And, if you answer a to most of these, check your birth certificate, because you just might be a born-free.

This article was inspired by my fascination with the identity-formation of Africans in modern-day South Africa. Several articles have been written in the past two years in which the terms afore-mentioned were introduced to the reading public. From an anthrolopological standpoint, the metamorphosis of the post-94 African in “Rainbow Nation” South Africa has been utterly intriguing to watch. The writers who wrote the articles linked above should go down in the history books for having recorded this often-painful process with flare and creativity.


(I couldn’t always find the link to the original article in which a term was introduced to me but  if you have it, please leave it in the comments section.)


2 thoughts on “Quiz | Which Black Are You?

  1. I’m a “white person” and I really enjoy reading your posts. I have this theory that people are “graded” by emotional intelligence, social conditions etc that have very little to do with skin colour. A bit “Brave New World” I suppose.
    Just saying 🙂

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