Why we cry for Paris and not Nigeria

I know I am late. But wouldn’t it be strange if I called myself a blogger in 2015 without addressing this?

If you don’t have time to read this (very, very short post) let me say my points can be summarized in the following gif:

winning team

Why we get mad about Paris and not Nigeria

  • Because then we can get behind a winning team.
  • Because we are afraid of getting mad about Nigeria and watching nothing happen as governments walk past uncaring, unnoticing.
  • Because we don’t think the people in those countries would even appreciate what we’ve done for them; how much effort we put into our hashtag and changing the colour of our profile picture.
  • Because, here’s the thing: changing our profile picture to the colour of the french flag means we are behind the entire force of the French army and we know they’re gonna do something about our rage!
  • American presidents will interrupt their days to give speeches about Paris, British ministers will give press releases and possibly shed some tears for Paris. Our empathy and rage will be validated.
  • And getting upset about a village in Nigeria that nobody cares about is just going make us feel cynical and silly and stupid.
  • So we get behind the winning team.

Siyanda Mohutsiwa is a 22 year-old mathematics major at the University of Botswana. If you call her right after her afternoon nap, she may refer to herself as a writer. Follow her @siyandawrites


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