Feelings: My IndieGoGo Campaign

Have you experienced this? You see someone manage to raise thousands of dollars for something crazy like a potato salad and you think “You know what? I could raise the money for something better than that!”

Well, I did. I believed so much in my show Africa This Week With Siyanda that I was sure someone else would believe in it too! I was tired of being blocked by my glaring technical difficulties and wanted so much to produce a quality show that had the quality equipment to make that happen.


But the night I hit “launch campaign” on IndieGoGo, I basically had a heart-attack. I panicked all the way to the AMs, sure I had made a mortifying mistake. Why would anybody think this was cool? I could feel all my Twitter followers cringing with embarrassment for me, that I thought I was worthy of any donations.

There was even a point where I stopped tweeting about it in hopes everyone would forget this grave mistake I had made.

Luckily, donations started to come in. That first week I raised $63! I detail my feelings in my TEDxAmsterdam talk about that moment. But I want to talk about after my first week.

As of now I have raised a total of $721. I have done this by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook as much as I can. I have also done this my contacting people directly who I have spoken with in the past about my show and asking them to if they would be interested in spreading the word or contributing directly.


It’s very nerve-wrecking to  reveal to the internet that you cannot afford to sustain something you seemed so excited to share in the first place. But I just had to be honest. I believe in my idea a lot and had my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t be the only one.

It’s paid off. I have one week left to reach my goal of $2000 and it looks like I may not. I have learned a lot in the process of this crowdfunding campaign and have gained a new respect for people who can raise a lot and really inspire people to chip in to something as crazy as a potato salad or as serious as cancer surgery.

Thank you all for your support! I look forward to posting a video where I can briefly show you all how grateful I am.


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