Africa This Week With Siyanda

If you know me, in real life, then you know that I am obsessed with YouTube. If my TV set hopped of its stand and proceeded to nae-nae on the coffee-table, I wouldn’t even notice. My eyes would be glued to the YouTube video playing on my cell. That’s how 2015 I am.  This love has existed since my parents finally agreed to install an internet connection at home. So, a few years ago I took the plunge and started a little YouTube project where I uploaded videos of myself talking about books — my favorite topic. And after I … Continue reading Africa This Week With Siyanda

An in-depth interview about #ifAfricawasaBar

This week I started a hashtag that went viral. I asked African Twitter users to answer the question: If Africa was* a bar, what would your country be drinking/doing? It resulted in a lot of humorous contributions from Africans all over the continent. By this morning, there were over 61,000 tweets under the hashtag, #ifAfricawasabar. A french journalist contacted me to do an interview for Le Monde Afrique, and although the finished product was published in French here, I decided to post the complete interview here. Please enjoy! How was the hashtag born ? “What if X was* a bar” … Continue reading An in-depth interview about #ifAfricawasaBar

You know you’re an African writer if….

You are currently reading this because this was the last page you had open when your internet stopped working. The gods of technology created the internet so that writers all over the world could have an ocean of information to drink from at a moment’s notice. But not us African writers, no reader. You see, after decades of underfunded libraries and secondhand book stores that only stocked the copies of Danielle Steel novellas favored by 80s backpackers, the gods are quite sure that this sudden access to adequate information would be simply too much for the average African writer. And … Continue reading You know you’re an African writer if….

BIG IDEA | How the African Union can make young people give a f***

The African Union owes the citizens of African states an opportunity to gain true inspiration from their organisation. We have not been given that opportunity. The average educated African citizen sees the Union as a toothless dog barking at its problems, and if they surmount, merely burying them in Africa’s backyard, which I imagine is an abandoned desert filled with broken dreams. If this appears to be a dramatic analogy to you then allow yourself the chance to imagine what the uneducated citizen considers the African Union to be. Nothing. And no dramatised imagery can take that truth away. Numerous … Continue reading BIG IDEA | How the African Union can make young people give a f***

Conversations With Siyanda Mohutsiwa

Originally posted on The Odyssey of Afro Artivism:
Siyanda Mohutsiwa is one of the most intelligent and alluring writers of our time. Her incredible passion for African issues are transparent in national and international publications she has done. She talks to me about African Feminism and the importance of Black Consciousness movement. Gaamangwe: So, In my books you are one of the most thought-provoking writers I know. You are not afraid to say it like it is. How did your relationship with writing start? Siyanda: I started to writing professionally when I was 12. I had a short-lived column in… Continue reading Conversations With Siyanda Mohutsiwa

EVENT | Nordic-Africa Institute Celebrates 20 Years of SA Democracy

It was by a happy internet coincidence that I found out about the Nordic Africa Institute event celebrating twenty years of South African democracy. I’d spent an afternoon googling a number of keyword combinations, including: “Africa + Finland Society”, “Southern African + Scandinavia Group”, and “Nordic + Africa Association” out of the sheer longing that comes from having not made contact with another African in weeks.   So it was quite a wonderful thing when google brought up a number of results that included a business seminar hosted by the Finnish African Society, that I attended a week prior, and … Continue reading EVENT | Nordic-Africa Institute Celebrates 20 Years of SA Democracy

Its Not About Evil | Why Examining Motives for Colonization Is More Important Than Ever

Now this may sound like a radical concept—and indeed it may very well be to some, but my stance is simple: Colonization is not an act of inherent evil. In order to explain this I will highlight what may not be obvious to some: ‘inherent evil’ is not a complicated idea. In fact, for something to be inherently evil it must be born or designed with the sole, or at least, major purpose of carrying out evil. (I will not dictate to you what you should consider evil, I will only say for the purposes of this article, ‘evil’ will … Continue reading Its Not About Evil | Why Examining Motives for Colonization Is More Important Than Ever