It’s not about dogs | Why Zuma thinks you’re ‘un-African’

Hot on the heels of his re-election ANC president, Jacob Zuma went back to his real job—providing an entertaining distraction from what many of his critics call “South Africa’s Serious Socio-Economic Inequalities.

Well, I say, pish-posh –let the man do his job! And boy, has he done it. Less than a month after Mangaung, Zuma’s got Africans in heated debate yet again.Image

And this time it’s about dogs. Yes, you read that right—dogs. We’re not talking metaphoric dogs like one would imagine he’d use to refer to CIA agents, here. No, he means dogs as in ‘woof, woof’.

The South African president has been quoted as saying spending money on buying a dog, taking it to the vet and for walks belong[s] to white culture and [is] not the African way, which [is] to focus on the family.

When I first caught wind of this on Twitter, my first reaction was to agree whole-heartedly with him. (Well, as whole-heartedly as one can agree while giving zero dams about a topic)

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