Bargaining (Part 1)

It felt as though I had been sitting in the car for hours. My eyes fell to my wrist-watch and registered that fifteen minutes had passed since I’d left her side. Only fifteen minutes. It felt like it had been hours since she’d planted a cool kiss on my shoulder. Days since she’d driven a soft palm into my rear. Weeks since I’d felt the sweet moisture of her inside. Years since she’d whispered my name sweetly into my ear. Decades since I’d stood outside on a doorstep contemplating whether or not to knock on the door. The more I … Continue reading Bargaining (Part 1)

Reading like a Writer

I’m not really one of those people that makes New Year’s resolutions. I’m more of the kind that makes a list of goals on a monthly basis. Sometimes I achieve them. Sometimes I don’t. But there is always something I’m working on. Right now I’m working on starting my voyage into the ocean of short-story writing. My plan had been to set a 30-day challenge for myself to start writing short stories everyday from a certain date. However, I feel as though I’m lacking the preparation to begin this challenge this week and succeed. So I’ve gotten a bunch of … Continue reading Reading like a Writer